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Registration/coffee & tea



Welcome (big lecture hall, room 30)


Oral session

Session 1A: Molecular and Cellular Biology (Big lecture hall, room 30)

Chair: Prof. Christiaan Levelt

Group leader, Dept of Molecular Visual Plasticity, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

1. Fiona Murphy

2. Theresa Priebe

3. Roberto Montoro

4. Karen Laupman

5. Biswajit Moharana

Session 1B: Cognition and behavior (Kapelzaal, room 16)
Chair: Robin Broersen

Assistant Professor, Dept of Neuroscience, Erasmus University Medical Center

1. Aline Mak

2. Julia van Adrichem

3. Jeniffer Sanguino Gómez

4. Heiling Lu

5. Lizz Fellinger

6. Aniek Broekhuizen

Session 1C: Neurodegeneration (Room 15)

Chair: Geert Schenk

Assistant Professor, Neuroinfection & -inflammation, VUmc

1. Josse Poppinga

2. Jasper Smits

3. Amber Penning

4. Mazyar Abdollahi Nejat

5. Quinty Bisseling

6. Giorgia Tosoni


Coffee break


Blitz 1A (big lecture hall, room 30)




Blitz 1B (big lecture hall, room 30)


Poster Session I


Coffee break


Meta-science event

See this link for more information


Coffee break


Swammerdam Lecture

Prof. Bart Eggen

Group Leader, Dept of Molecular Neurobiology, UMC Groningen






Social evening program

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Morning run (optional)


Breakfast. ​

Please check out before the oral session.


Announcements of second day (big lecture hall, room 30)


Blitz 2A (big lecture hall, room 30)


Coffee break (+ time to check out)


Oral session

Session 2A: Developmental (big lecture hall, room 30)

Chair: Claudia Persoon

Group Leader, Functional Genomics, CNCR, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc


1. Liza Kok - Investigating Patient-Specific Variability in 4H Leukodystrophy

2. Hilde Smeenk - Using antisense oligonucleotides to reactivate the paternal UBE3A allele in Angelman syndrome patient derived neurons

3. Lisa Geertjens 

4. Andrea Heredero Berzal - Investigating the impact of embryoid body formation methods on retinal organoid generation

5. Gianina Cristian 

Session 2B: Novel methods (Kapelzaal, room 16)
Chair: Dr. Ruud Toonen

Associate Professor, Functional Genomics, CNCR, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc

1. Maurits Unkel - Single-cell RNA sequencing of astrocytes and Ngn-2 derived neurons differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells 

2. Linda Lorenz - The association of plasma biomarkers and survival in the oldest old  

3. Hayel Tuncel - Head-to-head comparison of Relative Cerebral Blood Flow derived from dynamic [18F]florbetapir and [18F]flortaucipir PET in subjects with Subjective Cognitive Decline

4. Sanne van den Berg - Biologically Plausible Gated Recurrent Neural Networks for Working Memory and Learning-to-Learn

5. Sami Mollard

Session 2C: Neurodegeneration (room 15)
Chair: Dr. Niamh McNamara

Postdoc, Neuroimmunology, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

1. Aletta van den Bosch - Profiling of microglia nodules in multiple sclerosis reveals propensity for lesion formation

2. Shreyasee Das - The use of synaptic biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid to differentiate behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia from primary psychiatric disorders and Alzheimer’s disease

3. Max Laansma - Cerebellar volume and disease staging in Parkinson’s disease

4. Katharina Bolsewig - Plasma amyloid, GFAP, and NfL in dementia with Lewy bodies

5. Bram van der Gaag - Distinct Tau and Alpha-Synuclein molecular signatures in Alzheimer’s disease with and without Lewy bodies and Parkinson’s disease with dementia


Blitz 2B (big lecture hall, room 30)




Oral session

Session 3A: Molecular and Cellular Biology  (big lecture hall, room 30)

Chair: Dr. Marieke Meijer

Postdoc, Functional Genomics, CNCR, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc


1. Lotte Razenberg - Neural Circuits of Drive Behavior: Dissecting cortico-hypothalamic circuitry

2. Wouter Droogers -  Mechanisms of postsynaptic nanoscale reorganization during synaptic potentiation

3. Jeroen van Daatselaar - Exploring the microcircuit mechanisms of visual change detection

4. Laura Galan - The role of thalamic inhibition in feedback processing in the visual cortex 

5. Eline Mertens - Morpho-electric and computational properties of three types of human hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons

Session 3B: Cognition and behavior (Kapelzaal, room 16)
Chair: Dr. Aleksandra Badura

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience, Erasmus Medical Center

1. Eva Oostra - What is more effective for rTMS treatment in TRD patients: more pulses, or more treatment sessions?

2. Mariana Duque Quintero - Local and global corticostriatal manipulations differentially affect distinct forms of compulsive behavior

3. Simon Braak - Social dysfunction relates to transdiagnostic shifts within socioaffective brain systems across neuropsychiatric disorders

4. Nadza Dzinalija - Emotional Processing in the Obsessive-Compulsive brain: An Image-Based Mega-Analysis of Task fMRI in ENIGMA-OCD 

5. Siemon de Lange - Multimodal brain imaging of insomnia, depression and anxiety symptoms: commonalities and differences

Session 3C: Neurodegeneration (Room 15)

Chair: Wiep Scheper

Associate Professor, Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc

1. Davide Vacondio - Spatiotemporal characterization of lipid mediators in Alzheimer’s disease 

2. Cathrin Hansen - A role for chemerin signaling in multiple sclerosis disease progression

3. Annemieke Rozeboom - Age-associated blood-brain barrier changes in epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease: the role of LRP1

4. David van Nederpelt - Improving the clinical applicability of brain volume measurements; reliability of 3D-FLAIR is similar to 3D-T1 in MS

5. Jelle Broos - ALOX15-B: a link between lipids and lesion in the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis


Poster session II


Coffee break


Awards and closing remarks



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