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Oral session

Session 1A: Neurodegeneration (Kapelzaal, room 16)

Chair: Dr. Walter Boiten

Postdoc, Dept Anatomy & Neurosciences, Amsterdam UMC, Vumc


1. Preserved cognition in Alzheimer’s Disease: Gene-expression profiling in individuals with a discrepancy between ante-mortem cognition and post-mortem pathology - Luuk de Vries
2. Novel genetic variants in an enigmatic receptor cause brain edema by disrupting volume regulation - Sven Kerst
3. A proteomic study reveals that neurotrophin mimetic BNN27, partially rescues Aβ negative impact on 5xFAD mice - Evangelia Thanou
4. The Spatio-temporal Relation Between White Matter Lesions and Brain Atrophy in Clinically Isolated Syndrome and Early Multiple Sclerosis - Rozemarijn Mattiesing

5. The validation of Thimet Oligopeptidase as a potential CSF biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease - Yanaika Hok-A-Hin

Session 1B: Cognition and behavior (big lecture hall, room 30)
Chair: Dr. Priyanka Rao Ruiz

Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cellular Neurobiology, CNCR, VU

1. Contextual learning determines early attentional orienting in visual selection - Chris Jungerius
2. DREADD inhibition of the dorsal dentate gyrus impairs spatial pattern - Judith Lim
3. GluA3-AMPA receptor function in somatostatin interneuron and its impact on visual processing. - Valentina Riguccini
4. Loss of CAMK2G shapes intrinsic and fine motor behaviour but not cognitive behaviour - Pomme Rigter

5. The effects of a deregulated integrated stress response in vanishing white matter - Ellen Oudejans


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Poster Session I


Swammerdam Lecture

Georg Keller - The Significance of Self-generated Sensory Feedback

Group Leader, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland


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Oral session

Session 2A: Neurodegeneration (Kapelzaal, room 16)

Chair: Dr. Antonio Luchicchi

Assistant Professor, Dept Anatomy & Neurosciences, Amsterdam UMC, Vumc


1. Neurofilamant light chain is increased in the parahippocampal cortex and associates with pathological hallmarks in Parkinson's disease dementia - Irene Frigerio
2. Alpha-synuclein small molecule PET tracer design and development - Spela Korat
3. A neuronal enhancer's link to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Ilia Timpanaro
4. Head-to-head comparison of Relative Cerebral Blood Flow derived from [18F]florbetapir and [18F]flortaucipir in subjects with Subjective Cognitive Decline - Hayel Tuncel

Session 2B: Molecular cell biology (big lecture hall, room 30)
Chair: Allesandro Moro

Postdoc, Functional Genomics, CNCR, VU

1. High throughput luciferase screen for modulators of dense core vesicle exocytosis - Urszula Baginska
2. Tomosyn reduces neurotransmission by increasing the energy barrier for fusion - Miriam Öttl
3. The effect of ELS and dietary n-3 PUFAs on microglial morphology and functioning - Jorine Geertsema
4. SpecSeg: cross-spectral power based segmentation of neurons in chronic calcium imaging datasets - Leander de Kraker


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Blitz III (big lecture hall, room 30)


Poster session II




Oral session

Session 3A: Cognition and behavior  (Kapelzaal, room 16)

Chair: Dr. Nathan Marchant

Assistant Professor, Dept Anatomy & Neurosciences, Amsterdam UMC, Vumc


1. Lateral Hypothalamic GABAergic neurons in alcohol memories - Isis Alonso-Lozares
2. Target memory reactivation during REM sleep - João Patriota
3. Neuronal dynamics of cerebellar nuclei and medial prefrontal cortex in sensorimotor adaptation tasks - Zhong Ren
4. Treatment efficacy and effectiveness in adults with major depressive disorder and childhood trauma history: A comprehensive meta-analysis - Erika Kuzminskaite

5. Investigating neural circuits underlying alcohol use disorder - Allison McDonald

Session 3B: Neurodegeneration - pathology (big lecture hall, room 30)
Chair: Dr. Evgenia Salta

Department Head, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

1.Nigral pathology underlies the microstructural alterations of striatal and frontal tracts in Parkinson’s disease - Chen-Pei Lin
2. Human post-mortem organotypic brain slices to study leukodystrophies - Bonnie Plug
3. Multidimensional single-cell analysis of meningeal inflammation and cortical microglia in progressive multiple sclerosis - Carla Rodriguez-Mogeda
4. Heterozygous NOTCH1 variants cause CNS immune activation and microangiopathy - Parand Zarekiani

5. A multiscale brain network model links Alzheimer’s disease-mediated neuronal hyperactivity to large-scale oscillatory slowing - Anne van Nifterick


Metascience workshops

  • Let's talk about it: Mental Health and the Brain (big lecture hall, room 30)

  • Night Science (Kapelzaal, room 16)

  • Women in Science (room 2)